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Allure Sexmatics: Sex After Pregnancy

Copulating after child birth may be the last thing on any woman’s mind, but there are exceptions as every lady is different.

On a lighter note, there is no right or wrong model about when you should indulge in love making; but, it is fundamental you wait till you are physically and emotionally ready.

It may interest you to know, that quite a number of couples copulate within eight weeks of delivery. Some are earlier, whereas, others wait a bit longer.

Irrespective of the time, one thing is clear, all the timings are normal and allowed: especially, as three quarters of them have had sex by week 12, and within a year, almost all the couples have tried sex.

In as much as there is no stated time, majority of health workers advise that you give yourself four to six weeks before copulating, regardless of the delivery method as the risk of developing complications is highest within the first two weeks.

Aside this, postpartum discharge and virginal tears, possibility of experiencing fatigue, virginal dryness, pain or low sex drive, those who suffered perineal tears, episiotomy, caesarean, may all cause the area around the vagina to feel bruised/sensitive for a while. Other problems with recovery might need to wait a bit longer before indulging in sex.

Don’t stress yourself, give it time and allow your body to heal well.
When you finally resume sexual activity, do consider reliable method of birth control.

Exclusive breast feeding and your menstruation yet to return, can provide ninety-eight percent protection against pregnancy but you may still conceive even as early as three weeks after child bearing.

To reduce the possibility of this complications and other health issues, limited research suggest you wait for at least 18-24 months before getting pregnant.

Sex is not the only way to get intimate especially, if you are adjusting to coping with a new born baby.

There is nothing bad if you still don’t feel like making love. Have an open conversation with your spouse if you are afraid that loving making will be painful for you. Until you feel sexy to resume, maintain intimacy and express affections in other ways like making do with kissing, cuddling, touching and massage which can give that intimacy with your spouse.

According to one study, ninety-four percent claimed to be satisfied with their post baby sex lives. More than half said having baby improve things. Simple truth is, it takes some time and effort.

The following tips can help to ease discomfort during intercourse, to bring back the heat and connection that got you pregnant in the first place.

Be sure to take pain relieving steps like taking warm bath, urinate before the act and take pain killers if need be.

Try cuddling and gradually get use to being touched in a sexual way again. Spend time on foreplay, If you feel burning sensation afterward, do apply ice wrapped in a clean small towel to the affected part.

Use water based lubricants for vaginal dryness. Do not use oil based lubricants if you are using condoms as it could make them to leak. Talk with your man about other options to penetrative sex, such as oral sex or mutual masturbation, and let him know what feels good/what does not.
Settle for a time when you are not too tired or anxious.

Do not feel pressured as sex should be a pleasurable and mind-blowing experience for you and your mate: especially when your baby start sleeping through the night. So, do not fret too much if your sex life is not up to scratch right now.

Focus on each other, nurture your romance and good love making will follow subsequently.

Just keep doing pelvic floor exercises to help tone the vagina muscles, this actually aids in your healing as it can enhance your sex life.

Eat healthy and drink a lot of fluids, rest well at any slightest opportunity as you need all the energy you can gather. Know that taking good care of yourself, go a long way in bringing your passion alive.

Still battling, then watch out for signs and symptoms of postpartum depression such as severe mood swings, loss of appetite, overwhelming fatigue and lack of joy in life.

If you are having more than one of the above mentioned symptoms, then get in touch with your doctor as early treatment can quicken recovery.

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