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I’m Nigeria’s highest paid sex therapist – Jaaruma

Hauwa Saidu Mohammed popularly known as Jaaruma has been touted as Nigeria’s highest paid therapist in several reports.
Jaaruma tells Allure Vanguard how she makes millions in the sex satisfaction business.
“I’m the highest paid sex therapist in Nigeria because to talk to me on the phone alone will cost you a hundred thousand naira and a face to face consultation is two hundred thousand naira. There is no one charging that much, not even a medical doctor in the hospital. So, yes, I’m the highest paid therapist in Nigeria. When we say the highest paid therapist, it doesn’t mean that I’m a billionaire or the richest woman in Africa but among the people that do what I do, I’m the one who gets paid the highest because I’m the most trusted and the most successful, I’m the brain behind Azanza Garckeana, so people trusts me more because it came from me and basically they are more comfortable with me,” she said.
Her new found status didn’t come her way by a twist of fate, Jaaruma, paid for it with sweat and blood and it took her more than three years of studying Azanza Garckeana plant (silky kola) and it became the most phenomenal discovery and highest gross selling sex product of all time.
She studied and mastered silky kola with lakanin ningi(SKMLN) for over three years before sending it out for free trials in the 36 states of Nigeria and finally releasing it to the general public.
“At first I was hesitant to come out to say this is what I do because the African and Nigerian society might be a bit judgmental and I didn’t know if I was going to be a success or a failure but after the product became the highest gross selling product I can proudly say this is what I do, I’m the brain behind the therapeutic advantages of Azanza Garckeana.
“I never knew that so many men and women have this problem in Nigeria. Now that I have become global I didn’t know that people had this problem in Africa because in African we do not talk about intimacy, it is like a taboo, so, for the fact that I dare to talk about it on YouTube and on Instagram, it was overwhelming the number of people that came out with this problem, they have been dying in silence and looking for solutions. The experience has been okay although it was a bit difficult when I first started because of the work load, I lost weight, I lost my skin, I didn’t have time to eat well, moisturize my skin or apply make up. It’s been a year and four months since I started and the experience has been amazing,” she quipped.

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