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    By Patricia Uyeh Fashion entrepreneur, Ama Godson in this denim wear is walking into the weekend feeling like a ‘million bucks’. We can’t ignore the vibes she is passing in this wear which says she knows that is beautiful, stylish and bold. For the chic effect, she wears a brown face cap which matches her ...
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    By Patricia Uyeh Denim is obviously here to stay and  style blogger, Keke Cameron left us mesmerised in this denim combination – denim top priority paired with ripped denim trousers. It’s a perfect outfit for a Saturday getaway. For a more exquisite look, she wore a leather belt. Her head wrap is wonderfully and tastefully ...
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    By Patricia Uyeh Denim is like a culture. It forms part of our fashion lifestyle. From pants to jackets to blouses to shoes to bags, you name it, all of them have been ”denimised”. When it comes to denim pants, whether loose, high-waisted   boot cuts or the skinnies or the boyfriend jeans, the denim keeps ...
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    By Rita Chioma ‎Today, we are crushing on super star Rihanna, also known as Bad Girl Riri, as she steps out in a matching denim ensemble. Her relentlessly red ‎lipstick and neck chain accessories were just another perfect way to compliment her outlook. Rihanna is indeed a style icon to love and crush on everyday.
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    It’s time to double up on your denim. Denim can never go out of fashion and we’re of the opinion that denim on denim is twice as good; Forget the old conventional way of wearing it, the new look denim is more chic and stylish. Wear a bright denim jacket or shirt on dark blue ...
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    The most appropriate outfit for work is formal wear. Naturally, one is required to wear certain primary colours like black, red or white to the office. It’s on rare occasions that brighter colours are accepted. Here are some creative ways to brighten up work outfits without looking too extravagant or unofficial. Jazz up your LBD ...