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    By Jemi Ekunkunbor Of the the three major events in the life of a man; naming, wedding and burial ceremonies,  the only one he or she is a participant is the wedding. Making the wedding memorable therefore, becomes a project for most couples. Yet, three professionals exists who takes this burden off couples,  and transforming ...
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    By Sewe Ishola Photography outfit, Studio 24 has released some new photos, literally oozing with creativity as it showed a model in a colourful ensemble made from balloons and nylon. The creative images featured the model posing on the street in her balloon and nylon-made dress while confidently posing for the camera as though, she was ...
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    By Rita Chioma Like their foreign counterparts, Nigerian celebrities have cultivated the habit of flaunting their baby bumps. This act is not so African, as it is believed that  babies are not celebrated until they are given birth to. But like it or leave it, this trend has come to stay. While Africans and Nigerians ...