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The evolution of Nigerian fashion from 1960s to the 2000s (photos)


By Oluwakemi

Happy Independence Day Nigeria!!! Some of the words that describe Nigerians are happy, fun-loving and we are also a people, who are so appearance conscious; that could be both an advantage and disadvantage.

However, no one can take away the fact that we love fashion. Our style game, even before the colonial masters came was a testimony to our fashion intelligence.

Today, we will chronicle how the style scene  has evolved from the 1960s till date. The pictures below tell the rest of the story.






A wedding in 1967.  The skin of the handbag of the lady is gorgeous.


A man in the funky styles of the 70s, wear bell bottom pants, jacket and hat


Ladies wearing the latest fashion of the 70s.


Oleku sleeves in 1973


Another section of lady wearing Oleku in the reigning fabric of the day.


Picture of a couple taken at Paramount Photography studios, Lagos in the 1970s.


A young lady wearing a complete Aso oke in vibrant colour in the 1980s. Photo-by-John-Hinde


The Gele in this picture says it all about the elaborate styles of that time.


A cross section of fashion enthusiasts wearing the looks of the 90s


Some style images from the LDA label in the 2000s. Lanre Da Silva is known to get inspiration from the yesteryears of fashion in Nigeria.



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